About Atollo Project

Impacting education through improved accessibility

Broad educational benefits

The Atollo Project enriches schools, educators and learners by providing essential digital education tools and resources. Research insights and innovative practices shared by our Consortium promote inclusivity throughout Europe and worldwide, improving the educational landscape.


Innovating for special education needs

Our partners focus on making digital education materials more inclusive for learners with special educational needs (SEN). Utilising a user-centred design and scientific methods, we create, test and refine digital tools to meet diverse needs, ensuring the highest educational standards.


Our mission:

Let’s do something great together!

Our mission is to create high-quality, accessible and engaging digital educational content that caters to the unique needs of learners with disabilities. By adopting a user-centred design approach and engaging in an iterative process of development, pilot testing, and evaluation, our digital materials are both effective and enjoyable for learners. Furthermore, we are dedicated to building capacity among educators, so they can effectively use these digital materials in their teaching practices.


Our objectives

Provide educators and learners with tools and insights for a more inclusive digital education.

  • To develop a comprehensive set of guidelines and recommendations for policymakers to enhance the scalability of inclusive educational practices.
  • To establish a sustainable network of stakeholders to share knowledge and promote good practices in inclusive digital education.
  • To create cutting-edge, engaging and accessible digital learning materials tailored to the unique needs of learners with disabilities.

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