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Break through with Inclusive education

The National Association of Resource Teachers in Bulgaria (NART) is a national umbrella non-profit organization for professionals working for full and quality integration, inclusion and education of children with different abilities and needs in mainstream education.

Our goal is to promote continuous improvement of the quality of education and social services in support of integration and inclusion of all children in Bulgaria. NART has over 1100 members who are resource teachers, psychologists, speech therapists and other educational specialists throughout the country – in schools and kindergartens. The main objective of NART is to support inclusion of children and youth with special needs comprising the efforts of qualified specialists in the fields.


Our contribution

for the Atollo project

NART is an associated partner to Atollo project and it will help with the dissemination of the project results to its members – more than 1100 professionals who work with children and students with special educational needs. We believe that this project has the potential to make school curricular more understandable and more playful for the young learners with intelectual disabilities.

Our mission

Let’s do something great together!

NART works to enhance professional practice for teachers in special education and to build public support for high quality special education programs. The Atollo project will not only change the teaching methods in several schools but it has the potential to foster the advancement in application of the digital education policies.

It also has the potential to create space for digitalization of the teaching and learning process of SEN students as we observe very limited number of digital resouces and methods for these students at the moment.

Where can you find us



57, Georgi Benkovski Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

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