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Profil Klett Ltd. boasts a twenty-three-year tradition of publishing textbooks and other educational materials. Since 2015, the company has been an integral part of Klett Group, one of Europe’s foremost publishing houses specializing in educational resources. Beyond publishing, Profil Klett is dedicated to investing resources in the development and modernization of education.

One of Profil Klett’s notable achievements is the creation of IZZI, an innovative digital educational platform designed for the creation of digital learning materials. As a leading influencer in the private sector within the education field, Profil Klett leverages its extensive experience gained from collaborating with over 50,000 professors and teachers to benefit all stakeholders.


Our contribution

for the Atollo project

In this project, we are responsible for project management, the development of digital educational content for pupils with developmental difficulties, specifically creating 45 completed digital units (lessons) aimed at enhancing digital and mathematical competencies. Throughout the project, we will develop inclusive digital educational content, a framework for creating future digital content for children with developmental difficulties at the European and global levels, and conduct a series of training sessions for teachers, parents, and caregivers on how to use digital content for educational purposes.

Our mission

Let’s do something great together!

The mission of the project is to build a digital educational environment for children with developmental difficulties. Additionally, we aim to foster inclusivity by creating a framework for future digital content for children with developmental difficulties at both the European and global levels.

Where can you find us

Dublin Office


Hektorovićeva 2, Zagreb

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