Regional Center for the Support of the Process of Inclusive Education

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Regional Center for the Support of the Process of Inclusive Education (RCSPIE) is a specialized service centre of the Ministry of Education and Science for the implementation of the state policy for inclusive education in the Sofia city region. The core activity of the Centre is the provision of methodological assistance to school support teams for personal development and to the teams in the kindergartens on the territory of the Sofia city Municipality. The Center guarantees the implementation of state policy in the area of equal access to education on the territory of the city of Sofia.


Our contribution

for the Atollo project

RCSIE’s team works with more than 1500 learners with special educational needs each year. Therefore, one of the main involvements of our organization in Atollo project will be the elaboration and the piloting of the 45 adaptable learning units in mathematics and digital competences for students from 1st to 4th grade. RCSIE is leading the development of the partnership strategy, either. Through our expertize, both practical and academic, we will contribute both to scientific work and field activities and we will reach 100 learners and their parents even during the project implementation phase. Our director stepped in the role of an internal evaluator – a part of the Quality assurance team.

Our mission

Let’s do something great together!

Atollo project is continuation of our long-lasting efforts to bridge the gaps in the teaching methods for learners with SEN. We have created several methodological guidelines on adaptation of the school curricular to the needs of children and students with different abilities. This project helps us in enriching our educational portfolio while contributing to the digitalization of the teaching and training. We believe that the materials we are going to develop will make the learning process easier and more motivating for the SEN students.

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1 Vladovo Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

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