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The only thing all people have in common is diversity

School for Training and Education – Pula is the only institution in the Region of Istria, Croatia, that implements primary and secondary education programs intended for students with major developmental disabilities between the ages of 6 and 21. This uniqueness in the educational program we provide is complemented by the uniqueness in approach, support, and expertise, but also in the enthusiasm, engagement, and dedication of its employees to the fundamental goal – equalization of the opportunities of children with disabilities. Therefore, in the clearest form of this term – the School for Training and Education – Pula is a true inclusive institution.


Our contribution

for the Atollo project

The main contribution to the Attolo project consortium is the piloting of digital educational content. Our institution gathers a community of about forty practitioners, very skilled in identifying the needs of children with developmental disabilities and how these needs can be met. In addition, we are very closely connected with other similar institutions in Croatia. Also, we strive to contribute with our practical experience and knowledge of the characteristics of the education of children with developmental disabilities in every segment of the development of the Atollo project.

Our mission

Let’s do something great together!

Our school is constantly trying to develop in accordance with modern inclusive principles that include focusing on the student and providing support to the student in the system, program, and form of education in which he is involved. The essence of our mission in the Atollo project is to equalize the opportunities of children and youth with developmental disabilities. We stand to provide all children with access to educational content that is motivating, stimulating and interesting and that enables learning and progress while respecting the specific needs and strengths of each child.

Where can you find us



Škola za odgoj i obrazovanje – Pula, Rovinjska 6, 52100 Pula, Croatia

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